My Stop on the MyLifeinWords Blog Tour (!!!!!)

Hello, fellow wanderers!

Today I’ll be posting about the MyLifeinWords blog tour! My IRL friend Anya the blogger behind it.

(sorry for the inactiveness, year 8 sucks people. *cries* T_T)

Anyway, onto the post! (it’s in the form of a persuasive paragraph [the paragraph is tiny, BTW])

Hello there, wonderful readers! I know you’re here to get to know more about the spectacular blog, My Life in Words! The blog is about Anya’s writing and life, and also her sudden fangirling posts. She’s a Christian tween, who loves to share her thoughts, writings and life updates.

Please check out her SPECTACULAR BLOG!!!

Follow the tour:

{23rd September}
Mirra @ ColoursBeyondDreams
Mukta @ BornFree
Angela @ AWritingRose
Maryam @InfinitelyDaydreamer
Saanvi @ A Notebook, One Pen, & Me
Emmie @ AmericanGirlWorld
Hannah @ CraftsofallSeasons
{24th September}
Zielle @ MyHomeschoolNotebook
Arunima @ Dreamer’sDreams
Hazel @ ZellaBooks&Blog
Saanika @ SaanisDiy
Eliza @ WritingWonderland
Danielle @ AutumnSongs and NearbutFar
Tanisha @ RationalityisNotMe
{25th September}
Starling @ Starling7
Enni @ HoovesandPens
Neria @ Writing4Fun
Rachel @ NancyDrew and MessyBun
Yashvi @ BornFree

See ya later, cookies!

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Sad Times

We’re always there for you Sam. ❤ People, comment below ‘Rose’ if you’ll pray with me for Sam’s parents. Stay brave, Sam. You’re very inspirational.

The Liebster Award + Eliza has Goodreads?


First up, the Liebster Award! Thanks Angela for nominating me! This is my FIRST EVER tag! I’m super excited.


You’re meant to share 10 random facts about yourself, so here goes!

1) I’m 13 years old.
2) I’m left-handed! #unique
3) I have blonde-brown hair that goes past my belly.
4) I’m a Christian.
5) I swim district level.
6) I love to run, and the most I’ve ever ran is 12 km.
7) I adore calligraphy, and I’m learning how to do it.
8) I’m a serious bookworm.
9) I love the colours aqua and purple.
10) I have a peculiar obsession with green tea.


I nominate:

Saanvi, Mirra, Anya, PenelopeCrumb, Zielle, Enni and Rutvi

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YES PEOPLE. ELIZA FINALLY HAS GOODREADS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you haven’t yet:


‘Kay. See you people soon.

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Remember- A Poem

In my head
They swirl around
Full of love
Full of sound

They stay in you
They’re happy or sad
But all you need to do is remember

Such magical thoughts
Are these memories
They capture buildings, people
And nature such as trees

They stay in you
They’re happy or sad
But all you need to do is remember

I hope you like my poem!

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Recently Read & All-Time FAVE Books (Eliza’s first ‘actual’ post)

Hello, world! So today you’re gonna be reading Writing Wonderland’s first actual post! I know, I sound weird. XD

I’ll be telling y’all about the books that I recently read, and some all-time book faves.


I’ve just finished reading the Hunger Games series by Suzanne Collins, The Song from Somewhere Else by A.F. Harrold and last but not least, Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo. Crooked Kingdom was just so sad. *weeps*


There are just some books that I LOVE, and that I’ll always love.

  1. Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling- IDK which book series is better than HP.
  2. Journey to the River Sea by Eva Ibbotson- This book was just beautiful to read.
  3. The Famous Five & Secret Seven series by Enid Blyton- I ADORED these books when I was little, and I still love rereading them.

That’s pretty much it for this post!

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